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Viewing platform completed

Viewing platform completed

The Lakes Entrance Fishermen's Cooperative is delighted to announce the completion of the highly anticipated viewing platform on Bullock Island.
This exciting addition promises to provide both locals and tourists with an extraordinary opportunity to savour views of the Cunningham Arm, the vibrant township, the bustling entrance and local fishing fleet in action.
Strategically situated to offer panoramic vistas of both the Cunnighame Arm and the fishermen's offloading facility, the new viewing platform offers an immersive experience, allowing visitors to observe firsthand as fishing boats dock and unload the freshest catch from the Bass Strait. 
With its prime location overlooking the arm, fishermen's cooperative, and the entrance, the platform serves as a gateway to the heart of Lakes Entrance's thriving fishing industry and acts as an integral part of the Fishermen's cooperative.
"The completion of the viewing platform marks a significant milestone for our community," chairperson of the Lakes Entrance Fishermen's Limited (LEFL), Bruce Hammond, said.

IMAGE: Eastern Victoria Construction Group’s Gus Argoon, Ben Frew and Ingamar Matthes built the viewing platform Bullock Island’s Lakes Entrance Fishing Cooperative and met up with chairman of Lakes Entrance Fishing Limited (LEFL) Bruce Hammond and project designer James Ridgeway to look over the completed product last Thursday.

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