Going Beyond the Seas

Going Beyond the Seas

Local writer, Pat Kelly, has just published her fourth book, Beyond the Seas.

She has a special affinity with the Isle of Man, having lived there for many years, and this novel begins there with 11-year-old Alice Moore who has been abandoned by her mother.

Alice battles for survival and is eventually sentenced to be sent to Australia on the Lady Juliana, a female only convict ship, part of the second fleet.

It was known as the floating brothel with half of those on board being prostitutes.

A day short of a year after leaving Galleons Reach in London, Alice finds herself at Port Jackson which was a scruffy scattering of tents and wooden huts and she once again had to find a way to survive.

Pat began writing this novel at the time her very successful book Shadow of the Wheel was being edited.

“Many books have been written about the first fleet, but I believe the second fleet is much more interesting,” Pat said.

Pat is meticulous in her historical research; she likes to get all the details correct.

“I don’t like to read a historical writing myself when they get the facts wrong,” she said.

Pat enjoys the fact that as she is writing, things come to her which even you didn’t know would happen.

“Many people have requested a sequel to Shadow of the Wheel but the research is very difficult for farming in the Barossa Valley in that era.” All four of her novels have been very popular in the Isle of Man where she has sold the most copies, but have also done well locally. Her latest novel is to be featured in the Isle of Man Manx Independent soon.

Pat and her husband, Mike, have resided in Lakes Entrance since 2014. With Mike now a resident at Opal Lakeview, Pat has had more time on her hands which has resulted in the publication of her books.

They are available on Amazon and Kindle, but also at Just Books in Lakes Entrance.

IMAGE: Lakes Entrance author, Pat Kelly, with a copy of her new novel, Beyond the Seas.