Lakes Entrance carnival success

Lakes Entrance carnival success

The sixth visit of Chants Amusements’ Lakes Entrance Family Carnival concluded on Sunday and proved to once again be a hit with locals and visitors alike.

With a range of attractions including dodge ‘em cars, children’s rides, a jumping castle, Dora, Looney Tunes and Sesame Street licensed themed games and the traditional laughing clowns, there was something for everyone.

“Overall the crowds have been as good if not better than last year,” Melbourne-based owner, Les Chant, told the Post last Friday.

“I think we have been pretty lucky with the weather. We have copped a little bit of rain and wind but nothing major, as it hasn’t cost us any nights. The people came earlier and have hung around longer. This weekend there will be a few people hanging around.

“Everyone has really had a good time.

“The roller coaster has been very popular and the dodge ‘em cars are always a favourite. For the extremer rider there was the freestyle and for the older people there was the Ferris wheel.”

Despite finishing on Sunday, it will take some time until the carnival leaves the foreshore.

“It will take us about five or seven days,” Les said.

“The last thing to be packed up will be the roller coaster of course. It takes the longest with seven semi trailers required to move it. It takes a bit of work.

“It will be the last to leave, as the other attractions will be gone a few days after the long weekend.”

Les is looking forward to coming back for the carnival’s seventh trip.

“We always like coming to Lakes Entrance,” he said.

“It’s a nice place and the people are good people. The crowds here are always good and there are lots of families, which is nice to see.”

PICTURED: Lakes Entrance’s Charlie Leadbeater, Piper Svetlik, Lewis Milito, Chloe Leadbeater and Marisal Milito, of Lakes Entrance, enjoyed the Lakes Entrance Family Carnival on Saturday.