Tuck in at mini mart

Tuck in at mini mart
The Waterwheel Tavern has been closed for the past 23 weeks, so there was much celebration when it reopened last Thursday, albeit with a very different concept.
The tavern had been hoping to open earlier, but with the restrictions on how they could trade it just was not viable.
So it is now The Lake Tyers Mini Mart and is stocked with fresh produce.
Residents of Lake Tyers Beach and Lakes Entrance will now be able to source fruit, vegetables, bread, milk, readymade meals, cakes, takeaway coffee, wine, beer and much more to take home.
“This has been borne out of necessity until things get back to the new normal,” proprietor, Tony Carroll, said.
The mart has been designed thoughtfully with a rustic, earthy feel that meanders through the bar area.
“We opened at 8am last Thursday and by 8.15am we had our first customer and were steady all day,” Tony said.
“Signs are encouraging, people are commenting on the variety of items available. The premade meals are proving popular.”
These meals are prepared fresh by the Waterwheel chefs and cryovaced.
“You just need to take the meal home, put it in boiling water for a few minutes and your meal is ready,” Tony said.
“We will introduce new items as we go along and will have a takeaway menu in coming weeks. Muffins and scones, jam and cream are also available.”
The tavern is also trying to source local produce as much as possible and is happy to hear from anyone looking for an outlet.
“Many of our products are being sold on consignment which works well for the producer and us,” Tony said.
The Lake Tyers Mini Mart is open Monday to Saturday 8am to 7pm and Sunday 8am to noon.