Swingin’ into series

Swingin’ into series

There is nothing quite like the sound of swing music to get your feet tapping or even gliding across the dance floor and the next show in the Cafe Culture Series 2019 is all about swing.

With “Just Shows To Go” celebrating its 20th birthday program, organisers have splashed out on the full sound of the seven-piece band, Dr Crask & His Swingin’ Elixir.

You can hear the full splendour of Dr Crask & His Swingin’ Elixir live at an all new venue in 2018 - the Albert & Co Function Centre at Bellevue on the Lakes, on Friday, September 7, at 7pm.

Playing swing tunes predominantly of the 1930s and 40s, the Swingin' Elixir kicks out the dancing tunes with the originally American dance, Lindy Hop, in mind. The Lindy Hop is a fusion of dance styles including jazz, tap, Charleston and swing.

Their arrangements are drawn from both original charts and by members of the group. The lush horn section and guitar that draws on early blues forms provides a splash of individuality, and some red-hot solos.

The band has just finished recording its first CD, which will be available at the live shows.

You'll hear songs that were performed by the likes of Fats Waller, Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Prima just to name a few.
Band leader, Gregory Craske formed this band initially to play his charity event called Swingin’ The Blues Away 2013 - a swing dance event that raised money for an organisation dealing with mental health issues in the community.

A keen Lindy Hopper himself, his focus has been on playing the tunes of the Savoy Ballroom era, and to re-imagine the jumpin’ vibe of this iconic dance hall with a smaller and more portable ensemble.

The result is a hot and vibrant three-piece rhythm section, matched by the three-piece horn section, together with the silky smooth vocals of Jen Salisbury, a timbre and delivery well matched to the era of choice, creating a luscious 'little big-band' sound.

While on tour, Gregory will share his love of dancing when he conducts a handful of one-hour workshops to teach people how to do the Shim-Sham, a choreographed solo set dance from the 1940s.

The dance is performed to the song It aint what you do, it's the way that you do it, which forms part of the repertoire for Dr Crask & His Swingin’ Elixer performance.

When the tune is played live by the band audience members will be invited to take to the dance floor to strut their stuff.
Whatever ails you, a dose of Dr Crask and his Swingin' Elixir is guaranteed to get you on your feet.