Lakes Primary learns online

Lakes Primary learns online

Over the past few weeks the vast majority of students at Lakes Entrance Primary School have engaged with the new remote learning model.

With only a limited number of students attending school each day, the focus has been to successfully set up an online learning platform for prep to grade six.

Students that need to be at school use these platforms to work through their various activities for the day.

“These students complete a wide range of learning tasks designed to engage them in areas of curriculum including reading, writing, spelling and maths,” Lakes Entrance Primary School principal, Simon Prior, said.

Those learning online from home have their teachers check in every second day to ensure they are on track and are receiving the necessary support to guide their learning.

Parents also receive a phone call every second day to support them and answer any questions regarding their child’s learning.

“Parents are playing a vital role in supporting their children throughout this process,“ Mr Prior said.

“Each day they are working one-on-one with their child to ensure they are online and working through their daily learning tasks.

“This partnership has been vital throughout this process to ensure all of our students continue on with their learning.”

Staff have also embraced the online learning opportunity, Simon reported.

“All meetings are conducted online and students also check in with their classroom teacher several times throughout the week,” he said.

“Teachers are working harder than ever to ensure all students feel connected and have a learning task set to their needs.”

Teachers spend time on a range of different tasks throughout the week, from student check ins to filming lessons for students to watch online.

“Student health and wellbeing is also an important element staff are checking on, ensuring all students stay connected and have adapted to the changes in their learning environment,” Mr Prior said.

“Over the past few weeks we have seen a significant change in our online presence.

“Staff have quickly adapted and are using this time to consider how this change to using technology could enhance our teaching, once students return to school.

“Staff, students and parents are all looking forward to returning to school as soon as possible.”

IMAGE: Lakes Entrance Primary School students who need to be at school are learning online as well as those being educated at home. (PS)