Streetscape pushed back

Streetscape pushed back

Much to the relief of many businesses in the precinct between Carpenter and Myer street, Regional Roads Victoria (RRV) has put back the starting date to upgrade the streetscape.

RRV has had further discussions with East Gippsland Shire Council regarding staging and interaction of the Esplanade works with those being carried out by council on the sea wall.

Due to site constraints on the carpark side of the Esplanade where the seawall works will be starting this month, RRV has decided to delay works in this section until mid 2020.

Construction works recommenced on the foreshore last week between Carpenter Street to the slipway. RRV said upgrading of the shopfront footpath and road drainage will then follow between Carstairs Avenue and Carpenter Street to enhance the centre of town. This project will start at Carpenter Street and continue west to Carstairs Avenue. This section is due to be completed by the mid 2020, but works will stop during school holiday periods.

Improvements between Carpenter Street and Myer Street are anticipated to start in mid 2020.

Safety upgrades to the Myer Street intersection are anticipated to start later in 2020.

The remainder of solar lighting to the foreshore path is to be staged throughout 2020, but completed by late in the year.

Shop owners between Carpenter Street and Carstairs Avenue are concerned of a loss of income due to limited parking space. An electronic sign entering the area indicates all businesses remain open.

Deb Upton, from Fish A Fare, said it will affect their business.

“I just hope it doesn’t impact too much and that they are finished by Easter,” she said.

“Parking is the biggest issue if our customers can’t find a park. When they were constructing the traffic lights and surrounds the workmen parked their cars in front of our shop all day.

“We even went out and requested them not to do this at one stage to no avail.”

Vicki Barrett, from Slipway Café, only took over the business before Christmas.

“We have lost so much business over the holidays and now we are hit with this,” Vicki said.

“It is so worrying. Straight on top of the bushfires this is just so disappointing, the loss of trade will really affect us.”

East Gippsland Shire Council will start its seawall works within the next two weeks. The works area is within the foreshore area adjacent to the Esplanade, immediately east of the Gippsland Ports Yard opposite Carpenter Street and extending for 150m toward Myer Street.

Work is expected to continue through until August.

Works in the seawall project area will be timed to start towards the end of the carpark project to minimise disruption and impact on the community.

The seawall will include a 2.5m wide boardwalk and handrail, similar to the initial stage completed in 2019 near Bank Jetty.

IMAGE: Streetscape works between Carpenter and Myer streets will be on hold while seawall works get underway (to the right), which are expected to be completed by August. K1532-116 (2019)