Market stalls swept away

Market stalls swept away

Lakes Entrance Events’ AFL Grand Final Eve Twilight Market last Friday resembled the scene of a natural disaster after a blustery afternoon change.

Following an overnight low of 4.5 degrees, the mercury rose to 16.6 at 9am and hit 24.6 degrees before the change rolled in, bringing strong, cool winds that wreaked havoc with stalls.

The market was bustling before the weather took a turn and Lakes Entrance Events president, Alison Brewer, said it was lucky Lakes Entrance Fire Brigade was already at the market.

“It started off fairly well until the wind hit,” she said.

“A couple of marquees got destroyed, but it was all hands on deck as everyone helped each other as best they could.

“It was going well. It was unfortunate it happened out of the blue, a couple of gusts and it was all over.

“The Lakes Entrance Fire Brigade gave everyone hand.

“It was great they were there. It was lucky that we had extra people to help.

“It was quite a warm day. Plenty of kids turned out and had a go at the handballing and kicking competitions. It was just a bit of fun in line with the AFL theme.

“There were plenty of people there. It would have been good, but it just all happened at the wrong time. Unfortunately, the market only lasted a couple of hours and then the wind came and that was it.”

The Melbourne Cup Eve Market on Monday, November 4, will begin at 3pm and will include a variety of activities, entertainment, food and market stalls and the everpopular duck race. The market will be held at the foreshore near the footbridge.

Lakes Entrance Events is a nonprofit association that organises and encourages family events in Lakes Entrance, while fundraising for the New Year’ s Eve Family Fireworks Festival, which it also organises.

Alison said a team of dedicated volunteers give their time to ensure that everything runs smoothly, but admitted they are always looking for more people to jump on board.

“We are sort of stretched to our limit at the moment,” she said.

“It is like everything, it takes people to volunteer their time and run these things.

“We are doing what we can do. Hopefully each year the events get a little bit better and we get a few more volunteers on board to help.

“Every so often we get a local retailer saying ‘you are taking business away from us’. “It is disappointing to say that because the whole idea is giving people something to do, whether it is locals or tourists.

“We aim it at the tourist seasons like long weekends with the hope that people know when they come to Lakes Entrance for a day, weekend or week during the summer on public holiday there will be activities on and something for them to go and do.

“The other thing that everyone should remember is all these market holders are all local businesses. There is nothing wrong with good competition.

“All we are trying to do is give people something else to go and look at and hopefully they will enjoy Lakes Entrance a little bit more.

“If we want to keep the New Year’s Eve fireworks, and we have the Australia Day fireworks as well, it takes money.

“The only way we can the raise the money is having activities, which benefits everyone in the process.”

PICTURED: Stall holders at Lakes Entrance Events’ AFL Grand Final Eve Twilight Market last Friday were left clinging on for dear life after a change in the afternoon that brought strong, cool winds wreaked havoc with marquees.