LEADA keeps growing

LEADA keeps growing

Lakes Entrance Action and Development Association membership (LEADA) has grown from 40 to 400 in the three months since a new committee was formed in February to expand LEADA into a group that represents both residents and businesses in Lakes Entrance.

The membership received a boost from the successful town meeting called by LEADA earlier this month, which attracted more than 300 people to discuss plans and action for Lakes Entrance.

“LEADA’s membership growth is a true indication from the community of Lakes Entrance that they expect action and development to occur to rejuvenate Lakes Entrance,” LEADA president, Bruce Hurley, said.

“Improvements are beginning along the foreshore and will continue for the next few years. As pointed out at the town meeting the neglect of Bullock Island needs urgent attention.

“For 30 years there have been numerous plans drawn up for Bullock Island but there has been little or no action. There does seem to be a willingness by the shire to start addressing the backlog of infrastructure improvements. The proof is in the pudding.

“LEADA will continue to advocate for improvements so Lakes Entrance with its so many natural attractions keeps pace with other comparable coastal towns.

“LEADA has upgraded its website and I encourage community members to visit the website and, if not already, to become a member of LEADA so as to help progress in Lakes Entrance.”

PICTURED: Lakes Entrance Action and Development Association president, Bruce Hurley, and membership chairman, Mike Anketell, point out that the association has now reached 400 members. (PS)