Off-leash area confusion

Off-leash area confusion

Since East Gippsland Shire Council declared 43 Palmers Road the site for a new ‘off the leash dog area’ in Lakes Entrance, some locals are concerned council has not been clear in identifying the area and establishing infrastructure.

Many residents are pleased that such an area has been created, but some have had trouble finding the exact location, despite signage at the site that abuts the Lakes Entrance Aquadome car park.

On this newspaper’s regular rounds, reporters confirmed the site was recently slashed and there are three signs located at the site outlining it as the future home for an off leash park, which will include a fully fenced off leash area, dog play equipment, and provision for water.

Information at the site, dated January 2019, also details what rules apply to the area and that infrastructure, including fencing and waste bags and bins, would be provided in coming months.

Terry Leask, the owner of a rescue dog, had been keen to try the new area. He said he has visited many interstate off the leash spaces and said they all had fencing around them and basic amenities, but was concerned the Lakes Entrance site had neither. “There are no bins or water, except for a drain running along the side, which I hope my dog doesn’t get in. Is this all it’s going to be?” he questioned.

Concerned dog owners say that after the area was declared an off-leash zone all that has been done was the paddock being slashed.

They say the ground is rough with tussock grasses and thistles, making it hard to walk through.

Being near a swamp area and a lot of scrub, dog owners have concerns snakes could be an issue.